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Getting a lighting plan together at the early stages will pay dividends when it comes to final results. Well considered lighting not only brings out the absolute best of your interiors but also provides greater comfort and saves energy.

We cover all bases from conception to completion.

Consultation: Our team work closely with you to produce a lighting plan - How will each room be used? What features might you wish to highlight? What times of day will rooms likely be used?

Design: From period to futuristic... Functional to ambient

We can incorporate almost any type of light fitting to blend with your interior, whilst allowing flexibility to perform certain light tricks to make a room seem taller or wider, for example. Kitchens are excellent spaces for lighting control systems, as they tend to have multiple uses depending on the occasion - task lights for cooking in the evening, transforming into the perfect mood for entertaining late into the night.

Installation: Specialist lighting fixtures require extra attention to detail to do them justice. Our expert team are qualified electricians, and proficient in all aspects, with superior on-site installation skills. All too often we have seen high quality, expensive light fittings poorly installed by un-initiated tradesmen on other projects! This is not acceptable to our eye, therefore we pride ourselves on applying special precision to this aspect.

We can offer the full package from conception to completion, or just provide advice, design or installation if you prefer to source your own light fittings.

Specification & Supply: There are literaly thousands of light fittings out there! We take the confusion and hassle out of the process, offering a one-stop-shop to get what you desire.

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