The Process

Step | By | Step

Initial Meeting: We meet with you at a convenient time to listen to your requirements, then offer advice and ideas to help create your wishlist and establish a budget.

Proposal: We put pen to paper to draw up a detailed personal proposal.
This usually gets batted back and forth a couple of times before a final specification is arrived at and a budget agreed.

Project Management: We work closely with you and other trades involved on the project to ensure everything runs smoothly, reacting quickly to changes to ensure you get exactly what you want as the project takes shape.

Design: We draw up detailed plans and documentation for your project.
1st Fix: Cabling is installed prior to plasterboarding.
2nd Fix: Faceplates and Rack cabling is terminated after decorating.
Final Fix: All equipment is brought to site and installed.
Commissioning: The system is tried and tested in-situe to ensure everything works the way you want.

Handover: Full training is given for the whole family, so you know how to get the best from your system

Aftercare: We will pay a courtesy visit after you have used the system for a time, to ensure everything is just how you want it. The systems we install are designed to be reliable, but we are always available to promptly rectify any issues that may arise.