As custom installers, we streamline the various technologies found within the modern home by bringing them into a unified automation system - Easy to use for the whole family.

We can install your desired features into new-build homes or retro-fit into existing ones. Systems can be expanded over time, so you can start small, then scale-up.

Simple control of any device, such as audio, video, lighting, heating, security, and much more... Aswell as being convenient and 'cool', savings can be made by increasing overall efficiency, thus reducing energy bills. We also offer remote monitoring and support for total peace of mind.

We pay exacting attention to detail at every step of the process, so you are assured the optimum balance of performance, quality and budget.

But at Sonor, we encompass more than just technology. We have a keen eye for aesthetics, feeling for ergonomics & passion for simplicity.

Harnessing diverse skills from every aspect of modern home construction, our team of designers, engineers and time-served craftsmen can realise your dreams. Ergonomically designed - much thought is given to the end result, and how you will use it on a day-to-day basis, yet remain discreet and pleasing to the senses.

Custom Manufacture - From an AV cabinet tailored to your room dimensions, to custom-cut mirrors & fully upholstered drinks bars. 3D CAD designs are produced to visualize the process, and what we don't create in-house, we co-ordinate so you don't have to.

We also undertake Commercial AV installations, and if you’re a developer, architect or interior designer, please visit the Trade Area to see how we can work together...

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