Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

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Smart Heating Controls: Improve comfort and save money by automating your heating and air conditioning. Temperatures can be set for different areas allowing different rooms in the house to be heated or cooled independently of others. This approach not only reduces energy bills, but increases convenience by allowing you to only heat rooms as you need them – vast savings can be made in large houses.

This can be integrated into the wider system, so a ‘Going To Bed’ scene puts the heating into night mode aswell as turning off the downstairs lights (and everything else).

Touchscreens and iPhone/iPads, provide a convenient and easy to use interface, so if you’re setting off home early, simply adjust the levels via your iPhone. This economy setting could even be integrated with your security alarm; once the alarm is set the heating drops to a new set point until you return, when it automatically picks up again.

Motorised Shades: Window treatments such as voiles, curtains and blinds of any variety can be automated.

Intercom: Whether you want to see who is at the front door, check on your sleeping baby, see what the children are up to in another room, or call the family together for dinner, high-quality audio & video intercom makes it simple and convenient. Our stylish in-wall & wireless touchscreens have this facility built-in and we can even integrate with mobile apps, so you can see who’s calling when you are away from home.

Automated Gates: These can be controlled easily from the Control4 system.

Remote Access: Aswell as providing you secure access to your smart home features while you are at work or on holiday, remote access can also enable us to provide you with a speedy maintenance service. If a device locks up then we can reboot it and have you up and running before you even notice.