WiFi & Data

WiFi & Data

Sonor Smart Home Services

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Our wired and wireless networks are designed for everyday heavy usage so the whole family can surf the web, stream movies, music and more…

Not every network is the same, and we have extensive IT experience to build the right system for you.


These days, the home-hub supplied by the internet service provider simply doesn’t make the grade, especially in large dwellings. Multiple Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are required. Intelligent management provides seamless roaming around the property, giving you full strength signal wherever you are.

Wired Data Networks

The Data Network forms the back-bone of your Smart Home, so we use enterprise-grade cabling & equipment to give you the fastest, most reliable internet and internal connectivity.

Although WiFi technology has improved over the years, a cable will always provide a faster more reliable connection where possible.

Home Office

If you work from home, either all or some of the time, it is important that your network is up to spec. In this case, mission-critical hardware will be specified to ensure you are always connected.